Are you creating games or 3D applications in the Unity environment? Great.
Focus on creative work. We will provide you with assets to implement your project.


EDSS is a system that allows you to display 2-dimensional sprites in the 3D world in the way used in some 3D oldschool FPS games.

Traffic Lights System adds simulations of traffic light modules to your game or other 3D applications. The simulation is divided into user defined phases. Each phase groups traffic light modules which should be switched on at the same time and defines timings for lights.

This package consists of one medium-poly Spaceship 3D model with textures. PSD file included.
Textures: 2048×2048
– Albedo
– Metallic/Specular
– Normal
– Height
– Occlusion


Absolutely well textured model. It’s medium poly like the description says. Screenshot is quite complete so you can imagine the model. Model is game ready and have game ready colliders(box and capsule colliders). Also include some beautiful spaceship boost particles like screenshot show. Everything are very well made. I really love it.

Untrue Reality
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